Hey all.

So on this day, Nov 18, 2011, in the middle of Nick Fesette's Shape of Things run, I consider the Clevi Cloverspeak wiki open. I welcome all newcomers and encourage everyone to tell as many people as they know. I realize that this thing is mostly just kind of one big inside joke at this point but I foresee that it will expand to include any and all things Shivni, Freakfuck, and Devil. For example, The Bird Dream.

You have carte blanche to do whatever you want here. Try not to deny something that someone else writes, instead, add to it. Keep it beautiful. Keep in mind that no one can find the pages you make unless you add a link to them on another page. Part of the fun I think is weaving an impossible-to-navigate web. So make sure that if you make a page you add a link on one or more already existing pages. Also please add as much hoovbot media as you can imagine: videos, pix, audio, etc.

We have a lot of work to do. There is literally an infinite number of pages that need to be made and stories that need to be told. So get way into it. Get way way uncontrollably into it.