Tricks are an expression of devilry directed at another person. Not to be confused with The Trick.

Background and DefinitionEdit

Tricks came into prominence during the 2008-2009 academic year, as a re-imagining of the collegiate landscape and its web of associations. Unlike cloverspeak, which values the imaginative, they emphasize devious re-writings of the mundane. Ultimately, the trickster's goal is to subvert the trickee's understanding of social dynamics, only to reveal that this subversion has its basis not in actuality but in falsehood and performativity.


Although tricks may assume various formats, they most often follow a standard template such as, "Today I saw [faint acquaintance or arcane personality] buying Honey Nut Cheerios with [other faint acquaintance or arcane personality] at Kinney's Drugstore and/or Trash Bar."

Notable TricksEdit

Normally, tricks have a relatively short lifespan, perhaps three to five minutes, but the more notable expand over minutes, hours, days, and even weeks.

One notable example of this was the "Rouvan's in our suite and questioning us about one of our posters" trick. Through numerous text messages, interspersed over a half-hour period, Winston Cook-Wilson and Tom Lewek led Nick Fesette to believe that a fellow member of Yodapez was in their suite, uncomfortably questioning them about a mashed-up poster that superimposed his (Rouvan's) likeness onto the body of Tupac.

Another notable trick, between master tricksters Winston Cook-Wilson and Tom Lewek, lasted weeks. Cook-Wilson attempted to convince Lewek that Prof. Brian Collett had not been part of the Hamilton College Oratorio Society's annual performance in Wellin Hall. While it was clear that Collett had, indeed, been there, Cook-Wilson remained steadfast in his trick position. Eventually, Lewek tricked Cook-Wilson into believing that, after reconsidering the Oratorio Society's performance, he no longer thought Collett was present. When Cook-Wilson revealed his stance to be a trick, Lewek responded that his newly-adopted belief in Collett's absence was itself a trick. This cemented the intricate turn away from cloverspeak and to devilry for both individuals.

During the Boneshack period Winston Cook-Wilson 'came out' several times as a recurring trick. Arguably the most successful campaign of this trick occurred when he texted all of the shivni "I'm gay" and waited for people to attempt 'human compassion" before revealing the trick. Crivram was perhaps most duped by this trick and went on believing it for days.