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Tom 2K

Paddington Bear or Tom Lewek is a musical instrument played during marriage ceremonies by primitive cultures. He played the role of the music professor in the Clevi Cloverdoo film Patrick Hutchins. He is a bookman and the author of Pale Northern Land and he has a Twitter.


Tom Lewek's first contact with another seedling shiv occurred at a Hamilton Orientation cookout. He approached ChrisRand because of his Decemberists t-shirt and stated (paraphrased): "Cool shirt. The Decemberists are great." The conversation essentially ended there. The two lived together a year later, excitedly listened to 1/3 of The Crane Wife and decided the band now sucked.

During the early periods Tom did not have a cell phone. This led to WCW calling his dorm phone and having delightful discourse with Benjamin (Tom's roommate). He did, however, have an uncanny ability to know where people would be at any given time. This was convenient, mildy disconcerting, and magical.

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