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Look closely and you can see evidence of a Toggle.

Toggletown is a dichotomous concept that exists both in reality and myth, thereby embodying the very concept of Shivni as both a system of beliefs with core values and concerns and also something that sounded pretty goddamn weird to the untrained ear. Toggletown is best known as one of the landmarks between Milbank and Minar .

As physical landmark, Toggletown is a road in Clinton, New York where there was once a garage sale and the subsequent purchase of the long yellow couch that resided in Milbank 12 , the Keehn Scene , and Tom Lewek 's uncle's house.

As myth, Toggletown is home to the Toggles. Though no one has documented an actual Toggle, popular belief, as defined by Harry Casey and Alex Preiss , maintains that they are a good and generous people who subsist on BONES LIVE IN THE OCEAN BONES LIVE IN THE OCEAN