Spider p4

In August of 2011, Will Welles thought it was a good idea to trip after work. He decided he had plenty of time to come down before he had to attend a housewarming party that evening. Most of the time before the party was spent switching back and forth between two worlds. In the first, he would listen to club music, manically lift weights naked and chant the mantra "Everything can be Glam!" In this world he was made only of skeleton and muscles. He would then go to the darker world of the shower, where he would see his skin ageing rapidly, growing loose and cancerous and falling away from his flabby body. In this world he existed only of decaying skin and fat.

After several hours of moving back and forth between the two worlds, it was time to go to the party. Will had not come any where near the end of his trip and was dropped into a giant party room of spiders. The faces were familier, but the souls of all these once "friends" were very absent. Hollow empty bodies moved around the party each one devoid of life except for a tiny singular spider hanging in the middle of their cheast pulling all the strings of their human suit. Apolon was the only notable exception... instead of being one spider he was a bag FULL of spiders.

Will felt vast overwhelming suspician and distrust for all these friend creatures, so he played along. Just a room full of spiders pretending to be human.

Will got home and started coming down enough to eat a few crackers and fake cheese. He then stayed up in his room until 6 am. It was at this point that his swiss paramour, Michelle, came online. A normal hour for her given the time difference. Will told her about the decaying flesh on his body and the spiders in everything yet no matter how hard he tried she couldn't see the horror in any of it. When he told her that he was going to impregnate her with millions of spider eggs, she immediately responded simply "Well, then I will love them."

Will hung up and decided to write a childrens book about his experiences. He wrote the text in one go that night and later becane to illustrate using his "smudge art" technique. He is planning on finishing by new years.