That Vitas video
Vitas Opera

Vitas Opera

or simply Vitas is a live music video of the Russian pop star Витас (pronounced VEET-us) performing his song 'Opera #2.' The video went viral among Shiv practitioners after Steve Orlando introduced Will Welles to the video sometime in early 2007.

Vitas has been given the nickname "Prince of the Dolphin Voice" (海豚音王子, pinyin: Hǎitún yīn wángzǐ) in China.

Besides the obvious allure of Vitas' piercing singing voice, the group was taken with his appearance and dramatic performance. Especially the marching and girly twirls. The orchestra behind him are dressed like Ichabod Maccabeus. The chorus also never sing, but instead writhe and undulate demonically.

It has been speculated that, despite being a 'concert video,' Vitas is lip-syncing: the choir (mentioned above) never open their mouths to sing and the orchestra seem to be hardly playing their instruments, not to mention that there are too few of them.

'Nick' for a long time after seeing the video believed the artist's name to be BOO-mack, misreading the cyrillic that flashes across the bottom of the screen in the intro. This was before he took Russian language classes and travelled to study at the Moscow Art Theater.

Winston Cook-Wilson, or Kolya, learned about this video independently from Jess Tambellini around the same time. Shiv worlds came together at Hamilton in appreciation of this work of art. This was one of the first YouTube videos that Winston ever really got into. The video turned him into a gayman for two weeks, though he has since admitted that he was never actually gay. Winston no longer has any friends and currently resides primarily in the recesses of his own mind.