Not an actual Super Pie but pretty close.

Super Pies were a staple of the Shvni diet, probably because the aptly named Pizza Place of Clinton, New York, was business-savvy enough to deliver until 2 a.m. The Pizza Place sponsored a Super Pie challenge, and though there was much discussion of participation, none ever accepted this challenge (see also: The Lettuce Incident.) Though the Super Pie appears only to be a giant pizza, its consumption by the authors of this wiki was a communal rite of passage akin to a pride of lions devouring a wildebeest. The Super Pie is notable for its excessive circumference, making it impossibly to fit through a dormitory window, and its improbably greasy mien, as well as its availability in flavors such as Buffalo Chicken. Nightly orders of Super Pies involved such debates as "Should we order a Super Pie," "We ordered a Super Pie last night," "Yes let's get a Super Pie because we are all too hungry for nachos alone," "Okay we'll get a super pie but who can throw down some cash," and "How many sides of blue cheese will we need."

While the instances of Super Pie ordering and consumption are manifold in the lexicon of Shivnis, notable instances are as follows: ordering to the basement of KJ where everyone was watching Klaus Kinski's Paganini, and that time there was a fire drill and the pizza delivery guy assumed the Super Pie in his charge was meant for the habitants of Babbit 21, ie those remaining from the Boneshack in 2008-09.