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Rachel Richardson or Shimsham is a great little cafe in the West Village, you haven't heard of it? oh my god you gotta check it out their baklava is like to die for. She smokes Marlboro 27s and loves sauce. As a Peacoat Pal, she possessed a singing shotgun named Shotty McShottgun and was sometimes known as Charles H. O'Cranrid, though she disowns her affiliation with most everything except the Puppy Bull. She is also a published writer.

She co-starred in Bertram.

Sense of HumorEdit

Richardson is known for spontaneously exploding in uncontrollable laughter that eliminates her motor functionality. To the untrained eye, this "fit of the giggles" seems unprovoked, but the ideal joke formula has been determined as follows: A cartoon crocodile leaps out and shouts 'Brush your teeth!' (Parseltongue, 2006).