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Onset: Nick Fesette, William Slater Welles, Chris Rand, and Winston Cook-Wilson

Patrick Hutchins is a short film by Clevi Cloverdoo Films written and directed by Winston Cook-Wilson. It was the follow-up to the hit film Bertram.

The cast includes Nick Fesette, Tom Lewek, Randi Rivera, William Slater Welles, Lindsey Hope Pearlman, Cook-Wilson himself, and features Jo-Jo Giovannangeli as really drunk guy. Chris Rand served as cinematographer and editor.


The movie opens with Patrick Hutchins (Fesette) on a date with a girl (Rivera). They seem to be getting along, eating chicken fingers and smoking cigarettes, except that Hutchins' general demeanor is tense and overbearing. The audience gets the impression that he tries too hard to look cool and seem smart. The date is interrupted by Hutchins' friend (Cook-Wilson), who is a more easy-going and fun-loving guy and sweeps the girl away. Hutchins is not pleased with this.

The next day Hutchins cannot take his eyes off the girl in music class, while the professor (Lewek) gives a speech on Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro. In a scene with his English professor (Welles), we learn that Hutchins is supposed to be working on his part in the night's reading of The Merchant of Venice. In a montage we see that working on the play is torture for Hutchins, and he falls asleep. While asleep he dreams of his ex-girlfriend (Pearlman) and imagines their relationship as idyllic, rolling around in a field and picking flowers. He wakes up and rushes out the door, almost late for the reading.

In the middle of one scene with another actor (Pete Kopp), Hutchins accidentally points at the girl he was thinking of. Despite this the reading seems successful, though one student (Peter Mallozzi) claims that he thought "it was a shit-show."

Later at a party they are playing six degrees of separation and Hutchins gets frustrated and runs out (there is a brilliant performance here of a drunk guy by Giovannangeli). Hutchins knocks on a dormroom door, calling his ex-girlfriend's name, and his best friend answers. This shocks and infuriates Hutchins, who runs outside and passes out on the lawn. In the morning, in the rain, Hutchins walks by himself back to his room.