Valentino sans hat and optional mustache

Mr. Valentino is a stick-limbed gigolo whose entire body and face is a cartoon heart. He has no nose. His eyes are far apart, on either side of the top of the heart. Though his body and face is a heart, he has no heart inside of this heart. The only attire he has ever been seen in is a ratty top hat, occasionally accompanied by a feather in the hatband. He can only salaciously utter the words, “Hello, this is Mr. Valentino,” as if answering a non-existent phone call. He has been sodomized by the infamous French child molester Pierre. He normally only appears as a figure drawn on dry erase boards for the purpose of flirting with Shimsham. Sometimes it appears as if he is dancing a jig in these sketches. No appearances of Valentino as a living being have been reported. He’s a sketchshroud reprobate and chronic masturbator.