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Milbank 12 was a death-hole in the bottom quadrant of the solar system, home to such monsters and terrorizers as Tom Lewek , Chris Rand , Harry Casey, Alex Preiss , Rachel Richardson , and alternately vegan feminist Jess Mariglio and resident madman Alex Hahn . The shivni residence of '12' began with a group trip to Walmart for a rug and nerf guns and ended with peanut butter stained walls and strobe lights.

Popularly believed to be the bastard step-sibling of the more dignified or at least better decorated Milbank 29, Milbank 12 nevertheless acted as a broken locus for the goings-on of 2005-06. These included but are not limited to such parties as Parliament , the Eurotrash Debacle, the Holiday Hullabaloo, Rachel's 19th Toga Party, and That One Where We Dressed Up Like Goths And Drank Really Awful Punch. Milbank 12 was a common gathering point for pre-gaming and witnessed approximately 1,000 games of Kings, it was also the birthplace of the Bird.

The Nintendo video game Mario Kart 64 also played a huge role in the popular culture of Milbank 12. The game was played several times a day by the suite's inhabitants, particularly by devoted fans Preiss and Casey. The game was also frequently played by Justin Jones and Benjamin Abraham Alpert, usually in the morning hours on weeknights while the suite's members were asleep. On one occasion, the suite's beloved copy finally burnt out due to overuse. The suite's members quickly organized a heist, in which they swapped their broken version of the game with a working one from another suite. The heist lasted all of four minutes, and was deemed a success.

There were some defintive favorite social albums for the Milbank 12 scene. They include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Daft Punk - Discovery
  • Girl Talk - Night Ripper
  • Parliament (Various albums)
  • Glam (Playlist)
  • Jukebox (Preiss Playlist)
  • Party Mix (Crivram Playlist)

This is separate from the heady vibes eminating from the suite during the week - Beach House, Brightblack Morning Light, Grizzly Bear, The Field, Growing, and all manner of obscure psych rock - but all music played in the common room was accompanied by a Mario Kart 64 visualizer because something needed to be on the TV to play music through the speakers.

Sunday night rituals included watching Planet Earth and eating Opus cookies. The residents also kept up with VH1's short lived reality game show TheWhite Rapper Show.

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