Marvin the Mummy is the reanimated corpse of a nearly 4,000 year old mummified eunuch that served under Tetisheri from 1550-1530 BC. When he was alive he had many important duties such as: washing the royal body and dancing. He now performs with Itchy Boys.

Marvin, originally Marvinkhotep, was found by the royal consortium swaddled in a festering rat king on the bank of the Nile sometime in 1551 BC. His testicles were removed and he entered the matriarch Tetisheri's service. He performed his duties rigorously and eventually became her most beloved manslave. Marvin was so loved that, upon her death, his throat was cut and he was mummified and entombed on top of Tetisheri like a human blanket.

Sometime in 2011, Ichabod Maccabeus performed a witching ceremony that resurrected Marvin. Unfortunately following the ceremony Marvin was let loose on the world without fully comprehending that he has been dead for thousands of years and has little to no knowledge of the English language.

His voice is distinctively high-pitched and his speech is rapid and entirely in a dead slave dialect of Ancient Egyptian that no one can understand.