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Lisa and Tanya was a fictitious game-universe created by Sally Kral and Grace Stadnyk in spring 2008 at Piggy Pat's BBQ and developed further in the Keehn Scene.

Stadnyk was Lisa, the chirping middle upper class drunk, and Kral was Tanya, the promiscuous bad influence. Winston Cook-Wilson was Erwin, Lisa's exasperated husband. Nick Fesette was Pablo, Erwin and Lisa's Mexican gardener who was also an aspiring novelist.

Lisa and Tanya would typically begin mid-party. Lisa would say something wildly inappropriate and goad Erwin. Tanya would say something snarky and a passive-aggressive confrontation would occur between the three of them. Pablo would then enter and say that he finished some piece of gardening, and Tanya would flirt with him shamelessly and embarrass Erwin further. The argument continued with Pablo punctuating the action by trying to tell Erwin about the 600 page manuscript he has in the shed.

Repeated accusations of racism were levelled on Fesette because of his characterization. The four characters were seen frequently with Vernard D'Livingstone.

Social scientist Mardrig Mandrake speculates that Lisa and Tanya was the self-aware deconstruction of Grally, citing that after its genesis, the Grally structure ceased to be relevant.