Lester von Broham '45 was the nom de plume (and alter ego) of Tom Lewek throughout much of the 2007-2008 incarnation of the Daily Bull. As a literary construction, von Broham represents the ennui of post-war Central European aristocracy. He exists in the negative space between contradictions: post-mode
rn and Catholic, German and Polish, Americanized but Europhilic.

His corpus is defined by a bemused, intellectual detachment from the weekday and weekend events of Hamilton. At the same time, however, von Broham does not express this detachment in a transparent idiom. Indeed, he often employs avant-gardist techniques including (but not limited to) found-word collages, surrealist monologues, and freakfuck. As the Bull progressed out of its Golden Era (contrary to the assertions of NARC era Apolon, cf. "Interview with The Spectator: Lord Apolon," February 2008), von Broham became increasingly absent. Sources say his spirit joined a Trappist monastery in the Ardennes where he brews beer and practices the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola despite his lack of Jesuitical affiliation.