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Jake Tishler is a stir-fry cocky breathman named Jake. He is a filmmann. He stole like nineteen things from Andrew Whalen once did I ever tell you that story holy shit it's hilarious.

He was one of the original residents of Kent Ave.

Jake is known to parade his irrational love of films like Pineapple Express around while he rolls one million cigarettes, saying things like "That movie is brilliant, I don't care what you say." When pressed to justify his love of the movie, he often cites something totally greewo like how many TVs James Franco's character has in his apartment. It is this seeming unawareness of how freakfuck he is that makes Tishler so compelling. (See Couch-fingers.)

There was also this one time that William Welles accidentally tore the packaging on Tishler's latest Netflix and Jake totally flipped out, saying, "Who doesn't know how to open a Netflix!?"

He currently resides in California.

Selected FilmographyEdit

Schindler's Kicks - a remake of Schindler's list set in Harlem in the 1970s.

Jaws: The Miniseries - for Sci-Fi Channel

E.E.T.: The Extra-EXTRA-Terrestrial - Lionsgate comedy about an overweight alien who has to lose weight before he can reveal himself to the world

The Color Purple - Shot for Shot remake of Spielberg's "The Color Purple." Soundtrack by The Black Keys

Minority Report - A Timely, Scathing, Anti-War documentary.

Catch me if you Cannes - Autobiographical piece about Tischler's first premiere at the Cannes film festival, where he was declared a Perona non grata. Called a "rambling, bloated, justification of rape." by Ebert, who went on to say "the set design WAS pretty cool though. so many Tvs."