Ichabod Maccabeus is the murderous skeleton ghost of a dead farmer who cuts off the ears of children and tricks his victims into look at life-sized replicas of themselves made entirely out of the ears. (typical trick construction: “Look, Condaaaarrr…an exact replica of ye…made entirely out of surplus liferafts….just kidding, ears!”) Unprepared targets often turn to stone or ice immediately after laying eyes on one of Maccabeus’ flesh-effigies. Young children are particularly susceptible. Maccabeus, in turn, saws off the stone or frostbitten ears of these both literally and figuratively petrified tots to build new sculptures.

He is the sworn enemy of Condor, who is deathly afraid of ear-replicas of himself and indeed most things. However, to date, Condor has never looked long enough at one of Maccabeus’ creations to become a statue himself, though he has faked conversion to prompt Ichabod to disappear into the ether from which he always arises. Condor/Maccabeus scholars such as Chubby Chisholm and Gustav “Gus” Warlockbreath, have commented extensively on this rare instance of shrewdness and intelligence on Condor’s part, declaring it a “Bugs Bunny-like tactic…atypical behavior for a half-sentient creature who is often incapable of understanding that he is a being present in a reality.” It is Condor’s ability to resist conversion that has solidified Maccabeus and Condor’s relationship as long-term nemeses.

Maccabeus's appearance can best be described as a skull-shroud with sharp fangs and only one eye which he moves with his claws from one empty eye socket to the other to frighten his victims. His voice has been described as "a demonic growl culled from the anus of a hell-dog" (Warlockbreath, 1989).