The Hamilton College Mustache Running Team or HCMRT or HMRT
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was a geurilla sports organization formed in the fall of 2005 at Hamilton College by Winston Cook-Wilson and Heather Finney. Its charter and official rules were first published in a Facebook group later that year by Nick Fesette.

The rules were as follows: any member of the HMRT may at anytime call "BREAK" at which point every member within earshot must run outside donning the mustache style of his/her choice (see below for styles) and continue to run at random. During a run any participating member may call "STOP" and everyone must freeze. Then the "calling" member shouts the style of his/her choice and the run continues with everyone adopting said style. The run continues in this way until someone calls "GOOD RUN" and the group claps it out.

Recorded styles: regular - the pointer finger is held curled on the upper lip; Tom - the pointer and middle finger are held on the upper lip together, this style was created by Tom Lewek; Turchin - the pointer and thumb of both hands are held framing the mouth like David Turchin's goatee; Zoidberg - all the fingers of one hand cover the mouth and wiggle like Zoidberg's tentacles; Hitler - the tip of the pointer finger is placed above the center of the upper lip to look like Adolf Hitler; Stalin - the pointer, middle, and ring finger of one hand are held on the upper lip together to look like Joseph Stalin; lady - the pinky finger is held curled on the upper lip to look like a mustache a girl might have; random - the hand is moved over the face at random.

The HMRT dissolved sometime in 2006. The Facebook group lasted until 2009.

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