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is a social construct describing the friendship and inseperability (both literally and conceptually) of Sally Kral and Grace Stadnyk. It follows in the tradition of celebrity couple nicknames like B-Lo, Bennifer, and Brangelina. Coined sometime in 2007, the name gained popularity in the Keehn Scene and the Man O Paws album The Grally EP.

The name was gradually phased out and replaced by Lisa and Tanya. It is currently not in use except in rare occasions. Grally comes to some parties and gets really drunk and whips its tit out.

Typical behavior:Edit

  • Talking
  • Cackling
  • Cavorting
  • Claiming other friendships are the "Grally of another generation" (e.g. Will and Andrew, Nick and Winston)
  • Drinking all of the beer and not throwing in any bones for it