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Glenn & Lockwood was a character-based Cloverspeak game devised by Nick Fesette and Winston Cook-Wilson in the Boneshack. The game focuses on a conversation between Lockwood (Fesette), a run-of-the-mill southern hillbilly and Glenn (Cook-Wilson), a hillbilly who has no knowledge of anything, possibly due to retardation, but pretends to know a lot.

The game was invented really late one night when Glenn was telling Lockwood the story of a book he had read about a mouse. When pressed, Glenn revealed that the book was a picture book with no words in it. As the conversation continued, Lockwood discovered that Glenn did not actually know what a book was. He also did not know what words, pictures, or mice were.

Hillbillies answer 2 xlarge

Two Glenns

The game followed this pattern from that point forward. Glenn would start by telling Lockwood a story, and when Lockwood entered the conversation, asking Glenn about some detail, Glenn would either say "What?" or describe the detail as if it were something else entirely. E.g. Glenn describes a book as "You know, a are there standing on top of it and you put out your thumb and people pick you up like that...a book!"

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