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Nick Fesette below the official poster

Gay D was a co-ed fraternity founded by William Welles in the Winter of '08. At its peak Gay D had one member and roughly 200 pledges.


Gay D had its roots on the night of the Rocky Horror party in '08. William, not having any women's clothing to wear, instead wore: rainbow sandles, searsucker shorts, a puffy vest with no shirt underneath, white gloves and eyeliner.

Later in the night he found himself in Maj-Ap and Gay D was founded.

The original pledges were Sig and KDO Maj-Ap regulars but soon the movment spread to the core shivni crew and eventually much of the campus.

While pledge rites remain closely guarded by members of Gay D, the hazing ritual known as Boxhead became a popular party activity, if by "popular" we mean coercing unwitting participants into putting an empty Keystone (or Red Dog) case on their head and being battered while Gay D members screamed "BOXHEAD."

Notable Members and PledgesEdit

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  • Pledgemaster Clownhands
  • Pledge Timeless
  • Pledge Caboose
  • Pledge Sticky-feet
  • Pledge Pledgemistress
  • Pledge Chode
  • Pledge Grundle
  • Pledge Ladyboy
  • Pledge Last Five Years
  • Pledge Gayce
  • Pledge Ghostface


Near the end of the year in '08 Gay D lost the support of many of the founding members. Pledges Timeless, Caboose, and Sticky-feet among others couldn't get behind how strong the Frat had become and insisted that it should remain a "joke." They also were worried that AD brother "Xander" would get upset.

Despite these setbacks Gay D remained a powerful force through the '08 Graduation. Hosting many Intergalactic Keggers, and Captain Clothing shows.

On-Going SignificanceEdit

While the Golden Age of Gay D ended with Pledgemaster Clownhands' graduation. Gay D carried on in different forms on and off campus for many years.

Once the '07 Pledges graduated. Gay D ceased to be a frat in any traditional sense. But the values of Gay D still permiate through the Shivni.

The Gay D poster continues to be passed down at Hamilton to the chillest bros.

New Years at Kent , often called "the biggest party of the year." Is an official/unofficial Gay D remembrence/celebration event.

Official DrinkEdit

Sparks .