Take two of these and squawk me in the morning

Dr. Chicken Wing is a tumor that lives inside Chris Rand's left ear.

Early LifeEdit

Dr. Chicken Wing was born in Memphis, Tennesse and was raised to be a neurosurgen. But, after a freak accident while performing routine calf-implant surgery on Rick Rollette he was reduced to a small bulbous skreevel and crawled into Chris Rand's left ear for warmth and shelter.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

Dr. Chicken Wing still resides in Chris Rand's ear and hopes to one day recompose his 'human' form and complete graduate school. He mostly reads a lot of Albert Camus and feeds on the bugs and wigglewoggles that enter Chris Rand's ears at night.

He still feels Rolette is responsible for his current sub-human state and works into a frothy rage whenever he smells Rolette's perfume. These fits manifest themselves in a tweaky seizure of Chris Rand's upper left side and end as soon as Rolette - or anyone - acknowledges the Doctor's presence.