or Couchy is a really strange girl with bits of a ratty old couch where her fingers should be. She enjoys social activities, specifically sleep-overs.

Couchy first arose in fall of 2008 when Grace Stadnyk attached the pegs of a couch to her fingers, wiggled them at Winston Cook-Wilson and said in a decidedly fraknong voice, "Who wants to have a sleep-over with couch-fingers?!" Sally Kral and Nick Fesette, who were present at the time, did not know how to react until Winston said, "Holy shit Grace you are just as weird as any of us."

Couch-fingers is believed to be some kind of croni socialite who faces a great degree of difficulty doing every day things because of her clumsy hands. She earns a modest income as the keeper of the mausoleum attached to her summer home.