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Condor is a giant bird manchild discovered by Winston Cook-Wilson at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. His sworn enemy is Ichabod Maccabeus.

Condor's behavior is typified by a high-pitched squawking and flitting of his fingers combined with a general misunderstanding of the way things work. He sometimes blows raspberries.

Condor made appearances at most parties and social events on the Hamilton College campus in 2006-2007 just at the moment when things got real shrangy. Oftentimes he would perch on Shimsham's shoulder and dig his claws playfully into her skin, reducing her to her signature catatonic giggle state. He would then stalk his away into a corner or a wall and try to find a way through it, as if he could spontaneously pass through solid materials. Or as if he didn't understand what it was he stood in front of. He would do this until the mood was sufficiently croovni and then he would leave.

Condor does not realize that he is an autistic birdman and not by any stretch of the imagination a human being.