thumb|500px|right|the "Rick Rolette" cutBertram was the first film by Clevi Cloverdoo pictures produced in 2005-2006 starring Nick Fesette, Winston Cook-Wilson, and Rachel Richardson. Considered by many to be unfinished, it was edited into a complete work in 2011: the "Rick Rolette" cut.

Though not canonical and missing fascinating pieces that historians consider integral to the original work's beauty, the "Rick Rolette" cut has the widest distribution and is available for streaming on Youtube. The editor Rick Rolette added many intertitles that comment on the film's action.

The film is marked by eccentric personalities and a pervasive use of Clevi Cloverspeak. Characters also frequently break the fourth wall by speaking directly to the camera and laughing. The opening shots of the film contain an allusion to the video Cook-Wilson made of himself.

Memorable quotes:

  1. "Dooby doosh de dooby doo!"
  2. "...and that's the last ya ever heard of Shivni Yamangaplang..." "Gobba chooba!" "...and the flying monkey chisel!"
  3. "Shivni rammalammadingdong, shivni rammalammadingdong, shivni rammalammadingdong..."
  4. "How are you my pretty prince of Maine?" "Like a sickle!"
  5. "Clacky clacky clacky!"
  6. "Goin' up the stairs!"