Apolon Pictures was a multi-billion dollar production company that William Welles and Nick Fesette imagined Apolon had created during his L.A. Period.

It was defined by a mix of huge scale projects and production values with archaeic infrastucture to fit Apolon's medieval taste.

The company was shut down after Apolon's return to the East Coast and the start of his "Big Period."

Sample Newspaper ArticlesEdit

Lord Apolon C.E.O. of Apolon picutes flew to Paris on his private Griffen to discuss a new project. This summer Lord Apolon relaxed the usually strict dresscode at Apolon Pictures by allowing employees to wear cloaks that are cut one inch above the knee on fridays.

Production kicks off on Apolon Pictures' next film, the highly-anticipated adaptation of the Norse myth Wayland the Smith. It is rumored that the script is written entirely in Old English' by Lord Apolon C.E.O. of Apolon Pictures, but that the film will have subtitles. Paul Rudd is slated to star. The budget has already exceeded $240 million.