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Andrew Peart is a ten-legged goat they found underneath your porch and now you gotta go downtown for questioning. He squatted a room in the Boneshack in spring 2007 which later housed Chester the Jester, as well as a large collection of Deer Park water bottles.

He is the author of Heady Lamarr, a co-creator of Hotboxed Jetta (along with Winston Cook-Wilson and Tom Lewek) and Utica Pizza with Tom Lewek. Peart was one of the seminal editors of the Hamilton humor rag Daily Bull (2007-2009) and was fundamental to defining the direction of the "Bullspeak" era of the Bull, which subsisted from 2006 through 2011.

He may or may not be the one and the same as the elusive poet-nomad Hymen Radcliffe, the Oneida Guru, the 19-year-old ne'er-do-well greaser Arty, Thessalonious Tokeface, Cheswick Crabcake, Bobby McNutt, Scottie Biegler, Creighton Creightonbeck (lead singer of Hamilton College's "most hated band" Man O' Paws) the infamous child molester and folk prose-poet Injun ("Engine") Joe, Puppy Love, and many other indispensible Shivni/Bull-related personalities.