'Nick' or 'Nick' face or Rick Rolette or Dick Minette or Parseltongue is a horse demon from another planet and skywriter. He is often confused with Nick Fesette.

Something in my teeth is an ontology of forgetfulness dripped dipped baptized chastised night quest of a soccer player’s terrible revelation at the behest of the beast made whole again window lux torn out by the root ontology of the race bat budded dead like an abortion rainbow wind blown torn up love tapes.

Santorem calculated slips of slips of ssssssssssssllips sarc ophagus rips weighted in the back like the mystery fishing line shredded cabbage in the scenic way the under thing think caricature phantom limb sommelier greetings creations xandadu health food charisma rifle Our Last Chance skywriter Hoboken midrange hardboil ant.

He was first heard throwing a tantrum in The Boneshack.


In the early, camptime period of Hamilton 'Nick' was a spectre of possible friendship for Shimsham, ChrisRand, P-Bear, and WCW. He seemed "really cool" because he had a duck haircut and the burgeoning collective stalked him physically and digitally. This culminated in ChrisRand approaching 'Nick' at a bookstore clusterfuck and inviting him to watch Boondock Saints in WCW's room. ChrisRand was more nervous in this interaction than with any girl ever, but 'Nick' accepted his invitation and the new friends enjoyed the film together. The Boondocks Saints DVD used in this viewing still resides in ChrisRand's apartment, though his poster for the film has since disappeared.

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